Focus wLC

Professional but Cost friendly

Focus Worldwide Corporation, located in Highland, California, is a privately owned manufacturer of premier grade, decorative lighting products with an emphasis on custom lighting for the commercial and hospitality industry and also a third-party logistics services company who provides Order Fulfillment, Customer Care and Value-Added Services.

Working closely with our customers, we strive to produce quality illumination solutions for a wide range of projects. With over sixty years of combined experience in the commercial lighting and 3PL industry, our team of professionals will see your project through from conception to completion.

We are a passionate company who gets excited when we walk into a store and see the product that we handle for you on the shelves.  In that respect, we are truly contributing to your success.   So see why Our Value as a leading third party logistics provider in the greater Los Angeles area outperforms all others in keeping your supply chain intact and ensuring that your product ships on time, all the time.

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Fulfillment & Transportation

We streamline order and inventory management across distribution centers and suppliers; all while protecting margins, scaling seamlessly, fulfilling and shipping faster, personalizing the experience and delivering where and when desired.

Omnichannel Solutions

Create unified brand experiences across digital channels, devices and physical stores with distributed order management, enterprise-wide inventory visibility, store fulfillment and customer care tools.

Payments & Fraud

Eliminate fraud and deliver a frictionless payment experience that maximizes conversions and removes customer frustration.

Customer Care

Cultivate and build loyalty with your customers through personalized interactions and experiences, all focused on driving customer satisfaction, repeat purchases and profits.